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rocket queens
rocket queens

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Rocket Queens, established in 2018, represents the unique story of two sisters that even though totally different,
they share the same love for fashion and diversity and the same passion for Rock and Roll!
Where Rock meets Tradition, 
Where Pets meet Beds,
Where Fashion meets Furniture, 
There is where the Rocket Queens Pet Collection Begins! 
Rocket Queens is more than a Fashion Brand, Rocket Queens for us is about memories, love, compassion and a bit of nostalgia, Rocket Queens is our HOME! 
And Home for us is not defined by its physical space but by its inhabitants, therefore we couldn’t leave behind our four-legged companions! 
The Rocket Queens’ designers duo are turning the brand into a family matter!
Their father not only provided them with creativity, imagination and a respect for anything handmade, but also with the feeling that everyone matters! Their first memories of their father include his workshop and seeing him create furniture for different companies or for their own home and signing them with love, care and impeccable craftsmanship.
Those ingredients are now established as the diversification line of Rocket Queens, the Pets Collection!
A collection made to cherish our little friends and treat them with the love they deserve!  Small luxury furniture creations, handmade from family to families!
Furniture with a Rock n Roll Style to match the Rebellious Souls and Styles of the … Grown Ups! 
Let’s give our Pets The Rock Home they deserve! 
Let’s Roll in Style & Craftsmanship ! 
rocket queens
rocket queens

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For real Rock'n'Roll Queens