Rocket Queen


  1. A Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen, the Queen of groupies
  2. A badass girl with a heart of gold
  3. A Queen without a King
  4. [sexual innuendo] A very attractive, charming and promiscuous female
  5. The Queen of fucking everything

The story

This is a (song) story of two girls with golden hearts but badass, killer, rock ‘n’ roll looks. For years we’ve been struggling to find high quality t-shirts that would fit our style and represent our attitude until in 2018 we decided┬áthat we should make our own. Even though both of us have studied fashion styling we didn’t have any experience in the industry. We had to start from scratch, researching dozens of suppliers, producing samples, rejecting them, and starting all over again. We have now reached a point where we are confident that our quality is unparalleled and the designs represent our thoughts and aesthetics.


The mission

To produce high-quality items that spread the gospel of Rock ‘n’ Roll, targeting individuals with unique style and high expectations.


The colllection

Our designs have an old-school feeling because we believe that everyone should always remain young at heart. The designs of our t-shirts’ stamps are handmade and we pay attention to all details, including our packaging. We want you to feel that you bought something as unique as our t-shirts are.

Our handmade jewellery featuring skulls, guns and anything that represents our vision of rock ‘n’ roll aim to complete the collection. We hope that this is just the beginning, we have a lot more ideas to share!



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