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  1. Our Story

Imagine yourself walking through a crowd of average-looking people and you standing out! Why?
Because you are a rebellious soul with a Rock-et Style!
You are a Rocket Queen!
Rock N Roll embodied through Fashion!
A brand that has been created to make the difference!
A brand that has been designed to awaken all feelings and senses.

Rocket Queens, established in 2018, represents the unique story of two sisters that even though totally different,
they share the same love for fashion and diversity and the same passion for Rock and Roll!
A brand that is creating the perfect match of Music, Fashion and Art with High Quality, Craftsmanship, Uniqueness and Sustainability! 
The Rocket Queens is a small family-operated business and we believe in  non-conformity and have a do-it-yourself ethos.
Every pattern is hand-painted exclusively for our brand and is inspired from Rock N Roll and anything with an old-school feel. 
We take pride in creating high quality designs with eco-friendly materials. 
Rocket Queens, is your new haunt for unique styles!
Each season we release a new collection for Women, Men, Pets and Kids, to match the whole Family! 
Each Collection is curated so as to offer an eclectic attire for Style Rule-Breakers!  We always capture the spirit of today,
but with a vintage aesthetic! We are championing self-expression and standing out!
“Let’s Rock this World Together!
Let’s Turn it Upside down!”